Helping Increase the Quality of Your Deliverables using Conventional and Clandestine Methods

As a leader in your organization, I know you want your company, your staff, and yourself to be successful.  You want to leave a positive impact on your clients and the industry.  Your company’s reputation is based on the company’s ability to produce high-quality work.  Doing this consistently is a key to your firm’s lasting success.  If this is true, this is a program for you.  Sleep well knowing that everything is running just the way you want things to.

What is The Undercover Engineer…

The program is a research project where I confidentially analyze and investigate your firm’s standards and procedures. The mission is to understand exactly how your produce your deliverables. We then compile the information we obtain into a report for you with recommendations and ideas for you to consider so you can take appropriate actions to improve your company’s deliverables and success. We will spend time learning about your company through conventional means like interviews, surveys, and evaluations. We also clandestine methods such as undercover interviews, fake identities and backstories, and canvasses.

As we compile data and insight from different firms, we look for trends across the spectrum of civil engineering. The project’s goal is to understand how different management styles, systems, and techniques impact the final product a company produces. We will compare how large firms function differently than small firms and everything. We seek to understand how managers with the highest success rates motivate their staff to perform at exceptional levels. For firms on the upper end of the spectrum, the data serves as confirmation that you are doing things “right”. For those who are struggling, the data will offer tested intelligence into what you can do better.

The Objectives...

With a unique and fresh perspective, we will offer ideas for where changes or opportunities may be able to contribute to greater success for your staff and your firm through three key objectives: 


Solicit honest and direct insight from all levels of staff in your company.


Identify opportunities to improve production routines & management standards.


Gather valuable intelligence and document trends across the industry

Our Tactics...


Under the guise of an employee candidate, a student, or a game contestant, we work to create a comfortable situation to solicit honest insight into the quality of the work being prepared.


A confidential review of your policies and procedures.  This is used to determine how well your standards are being followed!


Confidential one-on-one and team interviews, along with anonymous surveys seek to obtain direct feedback from staff and also, with approval, from clients. 


Where allowed by law or with permission, we document interactions with audio and visual recordings.  Identities are obscured and voices changed when necessary, but this gives you direct feedback!

Our emphasis is on performing quality work, so we carefully select who we work with.  Don’t let that discourage you, let’s connect to determine the possibilities!  Apply today!

The Application Process

  1. Complete this application form.
  2. You will be redirected to schedule a free consultation.
  3. During the consultation call, we will determine if we’re a good fit to work together and what the next steps will be.

The value produced by the investigation will be different for each firm and we look to find a balance for everyone’s success.

 BONUS: The next 9 firms to participate in the program will receive lifetime access to the Program’s Annual Reports.