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I love to ask my kids how school was at our family.  It’s great to hear about their experiences through my 6th grader is a little less forthcoming than our 2nd grader.  For him, the teacher does no wrong when I conflict with something she has told him, I am most definitely wrong. 

My wife was playing school with him after dinner a few weeks ago and I watched as he amazed me with his teaching style.  Everything he was doing was emulating his teacher in his own way.  He explained concepts and help my wife learn math, his way.

It was a different way of doing it but it was not wrong; it worked for him!  As I reflect on those observations, I realize how much we naturally learn from each other.  Just because it’s different doesn’t make it wrong. 

Humans make mistakes.  It’s in our nature!  Studies show humans make between 3 and 6 mistakes — an hour!   Yes, that is more than 50 mistakes in a workday.  We are constantly being corrected, whether it’s a little red squiggly under the text in your word document or the mapping app telling you it is rerouting because you missed the turn.

The backbone of these topics is focused on improving the way you manage your projects so you minimize errors.  We will focus on developing opportunities to improve or through shifting a mindset or adding a tactic to your toolbox. Each presentation is slightly adjusted and customized for your audience. During the discovery process, we will discuss your situation and develop goals in a pre-event consultation.  I then take time to produce a custom program specific to your situation.

Think about it like a music concert. When you go to see your favorite band, no matter what tour it is, there will be signature songs that you will hear every time. There are threads of content that are the same in nearly all of my presentations, but no two presentations will ever be exactly the same.

The Art of Communication for Engineers

Navigating client relations with effective communication

It might be a surprise, but engineers are not always the best communicators. Learning how to manage your language and speak in terms your clients understand takes time and effort, but it’s worth it to become an effective communicator. It’s truly an art!

Take Brian for example – he’s earned countless repeat clients because he explains technical topics in ways that they can easily grasp. He’s built a reputation among his peers as a resource for helping others comprehend difficult concepts. Brian knows that being the smartest person in the room isn’t what makes you successful. It’s being able to connect with others and bring your style and success to their lives. So, let’s follow in Brian’s footsteps and strive to become great communicators!

This program includes access to an online vault full of bonus resources.  Use these different Plans and Worksheets to help you improve your project management and leadership skills, no matter where you are in your career.

Developed to help engineers speak clearly with their clients so they build lasting relationships.

“Brian exemplifies the kind of leader you would want to work for or have speak to your organization. He is centered on helping others, carries himself with confident humility, is an expert in his field, and is committed to continual growth and development.”

Todd B.

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4D Project Leadership

Empowering your team to take initiative in any situation.

Your professional reputation as a business is directly linked to the quality of your firm’s work. People are at the heart of engineering designs and have a lot to offer beyond simply technical knowledge.  What are you doing to bring the best out of your staff so they help your clients?

A 4D Leadership approach provides staff with the confidence they need to manage up from the middle and simultaneously mentor those around them.  A successful land development project requires that staff at all levels lead.  Give them the power.  This program concentrates on empowering staff at all levels throughout the life of a project to take initiative and provide leadership, even in small and sometimes obscure situations.  Learn to identify dysfunctional and unproductive routines. Leverage the unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives of each person in your organization that can reduce headaches and increase profits.

This program includes access to an online vault full of bonus resources.  Use these different Plans and Worksheets to help you improve your project management and leadership skills, no matter where you are in your career.

Great for inspiring company leadership to take the skills and abilities of their firm’s staff to the next level.

“I was inspired after hearing Brian’s presentation.  He explained that great changes always start with an innovative idea, even if that idea may seem out of reach.  With his tools and ideas he provided, I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Erin W.

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Leading with Quality

Achieving Project Management Success with Consistent Expectations and Quality Deliverables

Project Managers are the pointy end of the sword when dealing with clients.  They are charged with a lot of responsibility and learning to work with an assortment of personalities and learning styles can be overwhelming, This can be especially true for new land development project managers.  The pressures increase with the expectation to produce perfect deliverables.

Brian has spent more than 15 years managing engineering projects of all shapes and sizes.  Through this experience, he has developed several tactics for professional success and personal satisfaction.  He will share his G.R.E.A.T. framework for consistent reviews of the work produced by your team. Whether it’s working on a high-profile project, motivating an unmotivated teammate, or testing new standards, Brian will reveal how each of us is a Star. He will provide each participant with tips and tools they can use immediately to improve their team’s work quality, morale, and productivity.

This program includes access to an online vault full of bonus resources.  Use these different Plans and Worksheets to help you improve your project management and leadership skills, no matter where you are in your career.

Focused on helping Project Managers improve how they implement and execute project deliverables.

“The Star Concept has been a game changer in recognizing my own and other’s motivations.  It’s a simple system that makes the complex and often loaded topic of motivation fun and easy to approach.”

Jennie Bissell

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Delivery Method Ideas

The delivery of the training topics can be adjusted to meet your specific scenario.  Schedule a discovery call so we can discuss your specific needs and desires.

Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”  Each of us is in constant pursuit of knowledge.  I strive to share my experiences, the good and the bad so that participants can have a positive interaction and leave with ideas to improve their own futures.


Keynote Speeches are generally designed for a 45-60 minute timeframe and told in the framework to motivate the audience and encourage positive changes in their mindset. The presentation can also be optimized to a 20-25 minute talk to highlight the most important key concepts. 

For smaller audiences, keynote speeches can also be extended to 90 minutes with an optional Q&A session.

An excellent option for conferences, award ceremonies, and meetings.

Breakout Sessions

Interactive breakout session content is designed to be delivered in 60 or 90-minute sessions.   These sessions seek to engage participates to make an actionable change in their lives, learning from their own experiences and choices. Participants leave the session with practical tips and tools that they can put into action immediately.

Take concepts to the next level with interactive training sessions focused on helping participants have greater professional success and personal satisfaction.

Perfect for continuing education training, lunch sessions, or conference events.


The minimum recommended workshop or training session is 2-hours. Take a deep dive into the training topic, customized to meet your specific goals and needs.  The topics can be combined and adjusted upwards to several days worth of training using a modular format.  Students leave the courses with the actionable knowledge they can actively leverage that same day to benefit their future and your organization.

Ideal for those who want to take a deep dive into the content such as pre-conference events, and leadership training programs.

Start a Conversation

Before you go, let me ask you two questions:

  1. Are you confident that your engineering explanations are clearly understood by your audience?
  2. Do you regularly earn repeat business from your clients?

If the answer is not a definitive YES to either of these questions… What are you doing to fix this?

I might have some suggestions, let’s discuss your situation.

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