Quality Management Assessments

Is your program running efficiently?  Where can things be improved? 

A fresh perspective, a new point of view, from an experienced professional can help confirm you are doing things right or offer suggestions for improvements and changes.  We work with you to understand your goals and analyze if your program is meeting them!

Project Review Moderation

Part 5 of my Framework for Quality Control includes being willing to Tweak your system by debriefing and reviewing the project team’s success in completing a project.  

Implementing a safe and beneficial debriefing program can take time and effort.  Let us help you by supporting your debriefing meetings.

Mentoring & Coaching

Whether in a leadership role or not, we can all benefit from personal mentoring and coaching.  It is impossible to anticipate all of the scenarios.  Each person and company is unique.  We will work with you on an individual basis or in small groups, so we can increase both your professional success and personal satisfaction.

Keynote & Workshop Presentations

Speaking topics centered on setting a high standard for quality work and the leadership required to support it.  Each program is designed with the specific intent to help you have great professional success and personal satisfaction.

The Engineering Quality Control Podcast

I am hosting the newest podcast focused on Quality Control for Engineers.  I have partnered with Engineering Management Institute, an amazing company with experience producing engineering-related podcasts.  

We dive into quality control topics with professionals in the world of engineering and will interview guests on quality control practices, sample projects, case studies (good and bad), and much more.

Undercover Engineer Research

Your company’s reputation is based on the company’s ability to produce high-quality work.  Doing this consistently is a key to your firm’s lasting success.  If this is true, this is a program for you.  Sleep well knowing that everything is running just the way you want things to.

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