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I grew up in a family that volunteered to help others.  Both of my parents, my brother, and I was active in the local community fire company.  My dad and I were out driving around on a road that I didn’t remember ever traveling before.  I don’t remember where we were going or why we were even on that road.  I do remember him saying, “if you ever want to drive a fire truck, you better start paying attention to the roads now.”  I don’t think I thought much of it other than, yes – I wanted to drive fire trucks.  I wanted to drive in general but I was only 12 years old. 

I will be honest, I have always had an engineering mindset, one that wants to know why.  That day on that road sparked something in me to in fact pay more attention.  

Since that time, I have paid attention, learning extensively along the way.  Trying my best to take advantage of every opportunity, even the ones I didn’t enjoy.  Through these experiences I have learned that my passion is helping others and I want to help you.  I want to help you improve the quality of your work, your leadership, and your professional success, but most importantly your personal satisfaction.

“To continuously expand my knowledge to better the community and inspire individuals, so that we, collectively, continue to have a positive impact and advance the world we live in.

-My Why Statement

Wagner Brian Family

The Wagner Family

I believe that family is everything in this life. Without it, you are simply alone. I strongly encourage you to always keep that insight, not letting everything else in life interfere. Being a father and husband is truly the most important and one of the hardest jobs in the world. Bringing new life into this world has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We can do it, we can succeed.


The best experiences of my life have been largely the result of having a family that I deeply cherish.  I look forward each day to experiencing the love and happiness we have created together.

My Professional Career

As a licensed Professional Engineer, I specialized in civil engineering’s land development site design.  I have extensive experience in both design and construction. with a large part of my recent focus being on producing the highest quality construction plans. 

I have worked both for small business and large corporate engineering firms as well as a couple of stints in the public sector.  My diverse experience in these different scenarios prepared me for my career and my current role as a professional engineer.

In addition to civil engineering, I have spent time in Emergency 911 Communications, law enforcement corrections, and volunteer fire/rescue services including nearly 10 years as a search and rescue K9 Handler. 

Born and raised in Carroll County, Maryland, I call the mid-Atlantic region of the United States home. I am married to my wife of more than 10 years with two wonderful young children.  We live just outside of a small town in rural central Maryland.


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