Helping project managers and engineers develop and deploy routines to produce high quality deliverables.


The quality of your work is a key for your perpetual success!

When I was promoted to Project Engineer and eventually Project Manager the emphasis was on meeting deadlines and sending out more proposals.  Rarely was training based on improving the quality of the work, yet the quality of my work is what made me stand out among my peers.

I want to help you succeed.  Let me be your guide so you can learn from my mistakes and stand out because of the quality of your work.

The 5-part G.R.E.A.T framework was designed with the project managers, project engineers, and firm leadership in mind and it is based on the actions I was taking to be successful in both project management and team leadership. It is an approach that can be used to apply a quality management structure to any project no matter your role or responsibilities.  It has been used for plans meant to construct millions of dollars of land development projects.

The training will empower staff at all levels because it is focused on executing quality standards along with system implementation and enforcement.  Quality Management is so much more than just Quality Control and Quality Assurance.  

Your success is based on your ability to produce high-quality work. 

Signature Speaking & Workshop Topics

Escalating Engineering Excellence

Bake the Cookies:
A recipe for
Quality Standards
& Project Success

Learning to work with assorted personalities and learning styles can be overwhelming, especially for new and aspiring leaders.  The pressures of Civil Engineering increase with the need to essentially produce perfect engineering deliverables.

Focused on helping Project Managers and Project Engineers improve how they develop, implement, and execute quality expectations on all of their projects..  

Solving Equations:
Advancing a Quality
Management Program

Your professional reputation as a business is directly linked to the quality of your firm’s work. People are at the heart of engineering designs and have a lot to offer beyond simply technical knowledge.  Learn to use and implement a 5-part framework to support your existing quality management program.

Great for inspiring company leadership to take the quality of their firm’s work to the next level.  

Escalating Excellence:
Cultivating Engineering
Quality Through Experience

Instilling Excellence at all levels is an evolution.  It is not a set-it-and-forget-it scenario.  The standards and expectations for the work that engineers do changes over time.  You need a system to consider changes and find ways to improve your standards and cultivate your staff’s growth.

Ideal for those seeking to invest and grow their team through engaged leadership.

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An Quick Introduction to Brian Wagner

My passion is helping others and I want to help you by sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

As a licensed Professional Engineer, I have specialized in civil site design with extensive experience in land development design and construction.  My experience includes a progression from drafter to project engineer and manager through the responsibilities of a business owner.  

I have worked both for small business and large corporate engineering firms as well as a couple of stints in the public sector.  My diverse experience in these different scenarios prepared me for my career and my current role as a professional engineer.  

Live Events

We will always prefer to be in front of and to work with a live audience.  It is fun and engaging to interact with participants and see their reactions.

In the era of COVID-19, it is my policy to meet the expectations of you and your event including masking and proof of vaccination.  

Brian Wagner speaking on stage
Brian Wagner's virtual studio

Virtual Events

Throughout the pandemic, virtual events became quite common.  While we have seen a significant reduction in virtual events with the return to normalcy, we still see it as a valuable tool to entertain, engage, and inspire participants.

The Engineering Quality Control Podcast

Latest Episode:

What people are saying

“I appreciated the various acronyms in your presentation as they made your points easy to remember. Your story about firefighters was also very touching.”

-Jared C., Director of Engineering-

“Brian exemplifies the kind of leader you would want to work for or have speak to your organization. He is centered on helping others, carries himself with confident humility, is an expert in his field, and is committed to continual growth and development.”

-Todd B., Business Training Expert-

“The Star Concept has been a game-changer in recognizing my own and other’s motivations.  It’s a simple system that makes the complex and often loaded topic of motivation fun and easy to approach.”

-Jennie B., Business Performance Expert-

“I was inspired after hearing Brian’s presentation.  He explained that great changes always start with an innovative idea, even if that idea may seem out of reach.  With his tools and ideas he provided, I feel like the sky is the limit.”

-Erin W., Watershed & Sustainability Coordinator-

“I wanted to say that I especially appreciated the anecdote about the failing dam and the innovations that you and your collaborators implemented. It seems like there are often very simple solutions, we just need to take a step back sometimes to see them!”

-Daniel S., Environmental Ecologist-

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