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Brian Wagner, P.E. | Keynote Speaker & Consultant located in Central Maryland |
Brian Wagner, P.E.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of people at events across the country. If you’re a business, conference, or college, I’d love to see how we can work together.

I strive to be an engaging speaker for today’s audience. Leveraging my own experiences, blending honest talk with a little humor.  I work to inspire and encourage audiences to leverage their past and improve their future, becoming leaders in their own way.

Every year, I travel across the country speaking to businesses, students, and organizations.  With a focus on helping increase the quality of their work, I look to help you reduce construction site issues and increase profitability through presentations tailored for each audience.

The quality of your work is a calling card to your individual and company’s success. 

I  help professional service firms engage with their employees to improve upon how they develop and implement quality enforcement measures. 

Fewer Mistakes = Fewer Headaches

Liability insurance costs are on the increase for A/E firms as quality control issues have also been on the rise.  Design errors can result in construction delays and back charges costing a company thousands of dollars. 

I believe that one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to improve the quality of your firm’s work is to improve how you engage with your staff.  One way is to solicit feedback from them when they take responsibility and pride in the work they produce.  Their interaction will often lead to higher quality deliverables that will reduce your headaches and increase profit. 

Signature Speaking & Workshop Topics

A 5-part Framework for Improving Quality

Your professional reputation as an individual and a business is directly linked to the quality of your work. People are at the heart of engineering designs and have a lot to offer beyond the typical technical knowledge.  Learn to use and implement a 5-part framework to consistently produce consistent and G.R.E.A.T. quality deliverables. 

The topic is concentrated on technical improvements to the design processes, providing participants a perspective on a framework they can immediately implement at their own firm.  When applied to your QA/QC program, you can focus on shattering dysfunctional and unproductive routines and cultivate opportunities to leverage the unique experiences, knowledge, and perspectives from each person on your team resulting in a higher quality deliverable that can reduce headaches and increase profits.

Designed with a focus on helping staff of all levels to improve Quality Assurance (QA) process development and Quality Control (QC) execution.  

An All-star Approach

Learning to work with assorted personalities and learning styles can be overwhelming, especially for new and aspiring leaders.  The pressures of Civil Engineering increase with the need to be essentially perfect with producing engineering deliverables. 

Leaders can fan the flames for success, igniting passion and motivation among a team.  This takes skill and practice, but it is still the individual’s choice to embrace the concepts. How you approach each person under your supervision will improve the program, individual, and team success. Whether it’s working on a high-profile project or motivating an unmotivated teammate, Brian will reveal how each of us is a Star and how each of us is affected by each and every experience we have ever had.  He will provide each participant with tips and tools they can use immediately to improve their team to improve morale and productivity.

Designed with an emphasis on facilitating leadership engagement with staff to implement a superior Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) program.  

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An Quick Introduction to Brian Wagner

For more than 6 years, I have been speaking at professional conferences and community events across the United States.  My passion is helping others and I want to help you by sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

As a licensed Professional Engineer, I specialize in civil site design.  I have extensive experience in land development design and construction.  This work includes oversight and preparation of construction plans.  I have worked both for small business and large corporate engineering firms as well as a couple of stints in the public sector.  My diverse experience in these different scenarios prepared me for my career and my current role as a professional engineer.  

Live Events

I will always prefer to be in front of and working with a live audience.  It is fun and engaging to interact in real-time with participants, seeing their reactions and recognizing when I need to speed up or slow down! 

In the era of COVID-19, it is my policy to meet the expectations of you and your event including masking and proof of vaccination.  

Brian Wagner speaking on stage
Brian Wagner's virtual studio

Virtual Events

Now, maybe more than ever, people are looking for opportunities to connect, engage and grow using virtual platforms.  I look to engage you and your audiences through an interactive and unique virtual experience that will entertain, engage, and inspire participants.

What people are saying

“Brian exemplifies the kind of leader you would want to work for or have speak to your organization. He is centered on helping others, carries himself with confident humility, is an expert in his field, and is committed to continual growth and development.”

-Todd B., Business Training Expert-

“The Star Concept has been a game-changer in recognizing my own and other’s motivations.  It’s a simple system that makes the complex and often loaded topic of motivation fun and easy to approach.”

-Jennie B., Business Performance Expert-

“I was inspired after hearing Brian’s presentation.  He explained that great changes always start with an innovative idea, even if that idea may seem out of reach.  With his tools and ideas he provided, I feel like the sky is the limit.”

-Erin W., Watershed & Sustainability Coordinator-

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